Wearable technologies have been growing in popularity for users who are interested in tracking their health, new products and designs are creating an entirely new market that is focused on business. While wearable technology has been used in the healthcare and military sectors for quite some time, point of view wearables are quickly gaining attention for their potential in other vertical markets. Wearable tech in marketing research is coming soon.

Wearable Tech Business Insights

Enhanced Consumer Information Through Business Insights

When it comes to consumers, current methodologies successfully rely on research methodologies like New Perspectives focus groups to obtain information about customer buying habits and preferences. However, the addition of point of view wearables to market research can provide business insights that give detailed information about the entire decision-making process, in a much shorter span of time. While there are options available that utilize eye tracking, these tools may not provide the best insights due to consumers feeling uncomfortable while wearing them. Newer technologies will provide more comfortable, user-friendly options that allow customers and clients to move naturally, resulting in a wealth of valuable market research information.

Another area of research that will benefit from this point of view technology is advertising. These tools will allow researchers to gauge consumer reactions to specific forms of advertisement, including changes in vital signs to provide insight into the emotions caused by the ads. Additionally, these applications also allow for movement tracking to determine whether an ad spurs consumers to seek out the product in question.

Better Operations Through Business Insights

If the tools are available that allow you to track all movements within your organization, the possibilities extend well beyond simple consumer information to include useful insights about employee practices and customer service as well. Google Glass has already introduced their “Glass at Work” initiative to allow businesses from different sectors to incorporate the technology into their current practices in order to develop applications that are relevant for professionals, businesses, and industrial applications. The results have already proven interesting, and show the true potential for wearable technologies. Some of these applications include:

  • Employee accessibility to organizational information and data to enhance job focus and productivity
  • Instant access to patient records to reduce the time spent searching for information
  • Real-time access to information on historical and art exhibits
  • Translation capabilities at the push of a button

These applications are just a few of those that are currently available, but they show the value of wearable technology in business, industry, and development. While the current technologies are still on the expensive side, there is no denying that these tools have the potential to change the face of research marketing.

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