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About New Perspectives

New Perspectives is a full-service research consulting firm dedicated to providing our clients with actionable analysis and breakthrough insights derived from the most accurate and technologically advanced sampling, research techniques and methodologies. We work as an extension of your team to provide you with answers and insights to your long and short-term business objectives.

Custom Marketing Research

New Perspectives Marketing Research works closely with clients to ensure that every research study we conduct is insightfully designed to answer specific marketing questions and uncover unique business opportunities. We offer options and methodology combinations to best address the research objectives and meet your budget and timing needs.

Real-Time Knowledge

We also provide clients with access to next-generation research technology that can provide continuous insight and knowledge regarding their customer’s, products and other critical business metrics. Real-time knowledge ensures key information is available to the team at crucial milestones.

Visually Telegraphic Reporting

New Perspectives crafts research answers and insights into customized reports to best meet the needs of client’s internal team. We use storytelling techniques to craft a compelling message that concisely delivers actionable insights and next steps.

New Perspectives has substantial experience with specialty target audiences including educators, healthcare (doctors and nurses), and teenagers in addition to broader FHH and MHH (male heads of households and female heads of households). Our facilitators have similar styles and techniques so that simultaneous focus groups can be conducted to maximize efficiencies in the process.

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Member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association

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The focus group and marketing research professionals at New Perspectives are proud members of the ORCA, Qualitative Research Consultants Association. Learn more at qrca.org.

Qualitative Research Consultants Association

QRCA is a global association of the world’s most innovative, collaborative and passionate research professionals dedicated to maximizing the power of qualitative.

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