Technology never sleeps. The latest innovations show an increasing growth in making both virtual reality and gesture recognition available to the public. While once relegated only to casual gaming, new developments have shown businesses are eager to adapt these technologies to their current products. For example, by combining gesture recognition with biometric authentication techniques, and quantitative research, businesses would be able to help prevent cyber crimes. A recent 2015 market report predicts “the Gesture Recognition & Touchless Sensing Market is expected to reach $23.55 Billion by 2020.”

Biometric and Quantitative Research Provides Targeted Customer Marketing

“The biometrics market is finally here to stay… After a long wait, use cases that were once a gleam in the eye are reality. Biometric voter registration removes barriers of poverty and illiteracy, and it can run on a tablet. Consumers can authenticate financial transactions with a fingerprint, voice, eyes, or even an electrocardiogram, all with far lower risk than passwords that can be stolen and used on the other side of the world.”

While these new technologies have indeed proved exciting, many businesses find themselves without the comprehensive strategies to integrate them successfully into their current business models. Leaders do not just want promises, they want quantitative research that gives detailed feedback on how customers are responding to their integration of these innovations. To stay on the cutting edge, your businesses needs quantitative research on which companies are producing the most successful products for their individual customers’ needs. This information is indispensable for reaching their targeted product base.

These growing technologies have also provided new and innovative ways of gathering quantitative data for market research. Biometric technologies make it possible to gather unconscious customer responses to augment traditional research offerings such as focus groups. By harnessing these new technologies, market researchers can provide a far more detailed analysis of how consumers are reacting to a given product. To design a market research strategy that explores how state-of-the-art innovations can grow your business, contact the marketing research pro’s at New Perspectives today.