When you are about to launch a new service or introduce an existing good into a different market, you need a Market Research Consultant, who will dig deep and discover why your customers respond in the manner they do.

New Perspectives has helped clients like Wendys, 3M, and Johnson & Johnson get at the real reasons customers choose one product over another.

Market Research Consultant Dig Deep and Find Our Why

As one of our clients pointed out, we are able to “delve into consumers’ innermost thoughts.” New Perspectives could not have said it better ourselves!

Our whole process is designed to uncover consumers’ innermost thoughts. As nearly every market research consultant who has ever conducted a focus group knows, what people will admit to and what they truly believe are often two very different things.

We pride ourselves at going beyond the obvious to find the true drivers of consumer behavior. We then deliver insightful reports to our clients with the actional information they require to make mission critical strategic decisions.

For example, in Focus Groups, we observe and investigate for additional insights based on:

Eye Contact – We may notice that someone looks away at a certain point in the process and will make a note to go back and dig a little deeper on that question later in the interview.

Body Language – Are they fidgeting or listening intently or sitting up straight when they see or hear something they like? Again, time to dig deeper and discover what is causing the reactions.

Gestures and Expressions – Do they get visibly excited about aspects of the product being introduced? Why? What is it that they liked about this or that?

Tone of Voice – Does a subject raises his or her voice when seeing or hearing something they like or dislike about the product? Let’s find our more!

We like to ask the same question at least 3 different ways knowing we will usually get a real answer when we tap into their personal style. We will ask:

  • How does this product make you Feel?
  • What do you Think about that?
  • In What Way will this product work for you?

Each response may yield different information and with cross testing the responses we are able to deliver the kinds of insights our clients need.

Contact us at New Perspectives to learn how one of our marketing research consultants can equip you with the strategic business knowledge you require to make the informed decisions which will make your next project a successful one. We provide Focus Groups, Phone Surveys, Online Surveys and more.