Healthcare is a booming profession with an abundance of new technology. There are few areas that have not been touched by advances in technology.  Many medical technological advances have even been made into entire specialties. In the same way new technologies like biometrics have helped advance healthcare, they have also integrated themselves into society. Healthcare marketing research has indicated that multiple biometric options are being created for disabilities, heightened senses, and security purposes. Medical professionals everywhere are trying to stay ahead of technology by providing patients with the most improved resources for everyday use. These options can be used in other fields and applied to consumer need.

Healthcare Marketing Research Biometrics

The study of Biometrics uses technology to measure the body characteristics such as DNA, voice patterns, iris size and pupil dilation, facial mapping, and body movement as future ways of predicting health concerns. Medical professionals are implementing hand scanners that can map out the patient’s fingerprints and palm prints to store patient billing information and health care history. This is a secure technology that will prevent misidentification, identity theft, and collective information storage. This also can eliminate the human error in patient treatment and diagnosis. By simple body mapping based on patient weight, height, and medical history, proper medications and dosages can be administered by cutting age technology. Now imagine it eliminating the human error.

Facial coding is another new technique used by medical professionals to map and code different face expressions to understand their patient’s feelings, needs, and normally undetectable symptoms. People have trained service animals to be able to detect hidden signs of heart attacks and seizures, now technology is replacing items and upgrading their effectiveness to extend human life with improved quality. Using technology to understand hidden messages and improve consumer and business relationships.

At New Perspectives, we give you the most updated healthcare marketing research on biometrics and other meaningful advances and their uses for understanding what your consumer’s needs are. By using facial mapping, heart rate monitoring, pupil dilation you can understand your consumer’s emotional reaction to products and finding the true feeling to your product. Contact the healthcare marketing research professionals at New Perspectives to get started today.