How Quantitative Research Helps Improve Healthcare Facilities

by | Jun 26, 2015 | Market Research Expertise |

The healthcare industry uses various research methods to find ways to improve such things as customers satisfaction, health professional’s work life, patient illness prevention, and facility safety. One of the research methods hospitals use to conduct studies is quantitative research. Quantitative research provides statistical, mathematical, or numerical results. Here are a few ways quantitative research helps healthcare facilities improve services and impact behavior.

Quantitative Research Improves Healthcare Facilities

Conducting studies

Healthcare facilities understand that many of their customers who need services are in pain or experiencing discomfort. By using quantitative research for patient surveys, doctors can find more about their patient and how satisfied they were with their service. A good way that health care professionals conduct these studies is through surveys. Examples are:

  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Market studies
  • Pain and discomfort surveys

With this information, health care professionals can find what their customers want and how they can improve. The pain and discomfort survey can give the doctor and idea how their patients are feeling. Health facilities can also learn their customer’s demographics that can help them structure their services more.

Learning more about illnesses

Physicians want to learn as much as they can about a person’s illness, and by conducting research they can get specifics information to do a qualitative research or vice versa. New Perspectives uses quantitative and qualitative research to research information that is designed to help improve a health facilities decision-making information.

Improving healthcare facilities

Healthcare facility owners may want to know what their patients think about the furniture or equipment available in their healthcare facilities. For example, if multiple patients in a nursing home have trouble with the bars on their bed, research studies can help improve this issue or find whether replacing new beds will solve the problem. Improving healthcare facilities is a great way to get customer and employee satisfaction. Whether you use quantitative and/or qualitative research, New Perspectives can assist you with your next research goals.

Interviewing healthcare professionals

Health professionals can be interviewed to learn general practices with respect to educating patients and patient information needs. This can be used to develop more compelling/helpful materials that will be shared with patients and then quantitatively tested.

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