About New Perspectives Market Research Consulting

about marketing consulting servicesSuccessful businesses turn to New Perspectives to connect them with their customers. New Perspectives listens to stated and unstated implications, we uncover the emotional and rational needs driving a purchase. This enables product and service offerings that can be modified and updated to ensure customer retention and increase the customers’ lifetime value. New Perspectives distinguishes itself from the competition by delving deep for underlying shopping motives and delivers decision making data.

New Perspectives customizes research design, data collection, reporting, statistical analysis, and consulting services to fit your individual needs and objectives.

Connecting You To Your Customers

Get quality market research consulting from New Perspectives including; Mobile Research, Bullitin Boards, MROC, Research Games, Biometric, Creative Quantitative & Qualitative Marketing Research Designs, In-Person Focus Groups (Consumers, B2B, Professionals), Online or Telephone Marketing Research Focus Groups, Brainstorming Sessions, Shop-Alongs, Ethnography, Usability Tests, Telephone Interviews featuring both Omnibus (from a wide variety of subjects) and Custom Interviews.

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“Mary is, hands down, my first choice for a moderator/planner for qualitative consumer research. Mary is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. She’s able to capture and achieve the brand’s research objectives and brings an element of creativity to the table that many moderators lack. She’s able to delve into consumers’ innermost thoughts and feelings to mine critical “nuggets” to help refine new product and creative development processes. Additionally, Mary’s people skills and empathy make her excellent at managing the focus group members and the expectations and demands of the marketing/agency folks in the in back room. She’s flexible and knowledgeable. We always felt that focus groups with Mary at the helm proved valuable, directional, and actionable. I would highly recommend her.” Rebecca Roll, Marketing Manager, Consumer Packaged Goods Co.

The New Perspectives Marketing Research Team

Mary Sayer

Mary has over 25 years of marketing research experience in many industries including consumer packaged goods, apparel, education, publishing, food service (QSR and sports beverages) and hard goods or durables. Prior to establishing New Perspectives, Mary worked as a Market Research Manager/Director on the client side for International Playtex, Richardson-Vicks/Proctor & Gamble and Black & Decker. This uniquely allows Mary to bridge the needs of all team members during the research process. View Mary Sayer’s LinkedIn profile.

Margaret Rodgers

Margaret has 20 years of facilitation and marketing research expertise in financial products and services, food service (QSR and beverages), education, employee satisfaction as well as consumer packaged goods, publishing and durables research. Margaret began her career at General Electric in finance and HR. During her corporate career, she pioneered job sharing which gave her the unique ability to understand and successfully manage team dynamics. View Margaret Rodgers’ LinkedIn profile.

Sally Cabrera

Our high quality field department run by Sally Cabrera. With 25+ years of experience in the field, Sally develops effective screening questionnaires, sets up and monitors field services’ recruitment of focus groups, in-depth interviews (either in facility / in-home / on-site.) shop-alongs, etc. and coordinates in facility needs for the successful outcome of your project. Sally ensures representative, accurate samples of participants and high satisfaction for clients in the backroom. View Sally Cabrera’s LinkedIn profile.

Together, the New Perspectives team has remarkable marketing research breadth and depth. Contact New Perspectives for your next marketing research project and get quality market research consulting today.