If your marketing research was only reaching half of your potential demographic, chances are you would dump your marketing research firm. Unfortunately, that is likely happening right now with your market research. Most companies rely almost entirely on traditional internet-based research systems and fail to integrate the growing importance of mobile research. You always want better, more accurate research for your entire demographic, including mobile research so you can accurately plan and implement your marketing strategy.

Without Mobile Research Overlook Crucial Demographics

A New Mobile Research World

Only a few years ago, not having a mobile research component would not have been a big deal. However, new data reveals that mobile internet use has now surpassed traditional computer Internet access, with mobile access now representing 55% of all internet usage. This is a significant percentage that represents more than enough to change completely the research conclusions you count on when making marketing and sales decisions.

Over the timeframe that mobile internet has been climbing, mobile research technology has been improving to the point where there is no excuse not to expand your marketing research into mobile platforms. A mobile optimized research program that once took months to come to fruition can now be established in weeks or even days.

Younger Demographic Are Under-Represented

Mobile research opens up the potential for collecting more detailed and accurate information on your entire demographic. However, if your audience is teens and tweens, then you percentile will skew even more towards mobile. Mobile internet users are often younger than their computer internet using counterparts, with opinions unique to themselves on what interests them.

Dissecting the numbers even further shows that among that younger demographic, Hispanic users are far more likely to fall into the “mobile mostly” internet access demographic. This suggests that desktop-only marketing research under-represents their demographic.

To put your company on track to close that demographic gap in your marketing research, contact the mobile research professionals at New Perspectives today. We are experts in providing accurate and actionable marketing research intelligence for mobile research with teens and tweens.