Medical research is important because it helps innovate biomedical technology, as well as advance medical methodologies. In fact, just recently a psychological study was conducted by market research consultants using an eye-tracking device similar to Google Glass. The study aimed to see how people behaved when they knew they were being observes versus not knowing they were being observed. The study concluded that when people know they’re being observed, they will try to act within socially acceptable standards, however after only 10 minutes; they forget they are being observed and start to stray toward their personal habits.

Medical Practice Market Research Consultant

Researching the behaviors and routines of your healthcare providers can be beneficial. You will be able to target key areas of inefficiency, and enact measures to counteract these. You can also pinpoint areas and situations when your staff are most stressed or least productive and then change your procedures to decrease overall stress levels while increasing productivity at the same time.

A great example of increased healthcare provider efficiency can be found in a recent study conducted by The National Institutes of Health. The study surveyed more than 500 hospitals and recorded the documentation times when healthcare staff used physical health records and then electronic health records. The study resulted in an overall decrease in documentation time of 34% when these hospitals switched to an electronic health system. Thus, healthcare providers could spend 34% more time with patients and still get their required documentation completed.

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