The importance of marketing research increases as our society becomes more and more digital. A recent Forbes article states that marketing research is now more affordable to a wider variety of companies. In the past, mass marketing research was expensive. Thus, only large conglomerates could afford to conduct consumer research. However, with the recent advent of social media, marketing research now can be conducted over a wider, more controlled sample of consumers. Small companies can delve into marketing research without spending a fortune.

Marketing Research Consultants Mobile Video Conferencing

New technologies also allow the marketing research consultants at New Perspectives to obtain more detailed data from the same research methods. For example, webcam-required surveys show the consumer’s actual reaction to a question as he reads and answers it. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, webcam surveys become more accessible and facilitated. Now consumers don’t need to be at home to take these surveys, they can visit a website using their phone. Once there, a popup might offer them a small incentive to take a ten question survey while their phone’s camera records them. These advances allow for higher accessibility of these sophisticated marketing research tools to a larger demographic range.

Market research and data collection share one significant factor: they give you the information that you need in order to move forward and connect effectively with your customers. The best strategies are customer-centric, and data collection always goes back to helping you get to know them better and serve them better. The right information can help you structure your business model, shape marketing campaigns, design products, and market in a way that serves your customers while growing your business.

Marketing research is not just about gathering data, however – a big part of our expertise is the detailed analysis and relevant conclusions drawn from the data. New Perspectives is a seasoned market research consultant. We continue to utilize the latest marketing research technologies available in our marketing research, including mobile research, MROC, Research Games, various biometrics, and focus groups. We guarantee a minimization of your strategic decision-making risk. The marketing research consultants at New Perspectives are experts in this field and the data we gather will be more accurate as we tailor our methods for your target demographics to remove any potential biases that demographic has.

If you’d like to learn more about how modern marketing research can help your business, contact the marketing research consultants at New Perspectives today!