Gamification and the use of research games is an exciting new set of tools that are creating enormous benefits in the field of market research. According to Academia EDU, gamification employs more effective market research methods because it “…[draws] true and deepest emotions of… [your] customers. Along with their desires for competitiveness, self-expression, closure, achievement and status, it helps them give honest opinions about your products or services.” Often, it is difficult to illicit subliminal desires or preferences from consumers via surveys, questionnaires, or interviews. This is even if the participants are trying to be 100% honest. However, the competitive nature of gamification reveals all of these subliminal factors when the participants play your research games.

Research Games Marketing Research

Also, not all consumers are at ease with participating in focus groups or other group-related research. For example, most athletic adolescent males would rather play basketball together than sit around discussing their opinions concerning which deodorant they prefer and why. Properly conducted gamification in modern marketing research can help reach these more challenging target audiences. This effectiveness and return on investment is what makes this new frontier of marketing research so exciting to marketing professionals like New Perspectives and their clientele.

According to a study by the University of Tampere, gamification results in “…the increase in and quality of the service/system use, which are considered as highly important marketing metrics. Thus, the results… suggest implications for managerial and business purposes regarding effects on engagement and use activity.” Thus, they conclude that research games allow for a highly-effective market research tool that currently isn’t utilized.

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