For businesses who need to discern what their employees or consumers think about a given topic, research games are an attractive approach you may want to examine adding to your arsenal of marketing research strategies.

modern marketing research games

Formalized game research, aka gamification, is a relatively new technique, but it is drawing more attention from larger companies, research companies and their clients. Research games are being aggressively used in Fortune 1000 companies and are now being employed by smaller companies as well.

“Gamification is a hot concept now that a whole new generation has grown up loving video and online games. We’ve all seen the focus and attention talented individuals put into playing their games. With some small adjustments to the way they share information, interact and invest in their workforce, midmarket firms can channel some of that enthusiasm for gaming.”

New Perspectives uses game research as one of our many methodologies and have found it to be a very useful and effective marketing research tool. As with any marketing research tool, its success depends on the track record, experience, and professionalism of the marketing research agency who is deploying the tool.

“Organizations that are more aggressively adopting gamification already have multiple gamified solutions in place that support different business areas, address different target audiences, and achieve a wide range of business objectives. These organizations are starting to develop gamification centers of excellence to leverage the specialized skills required for these projects. These organizations are also considering how to integrate gamified solutions that touch the same target audience.”

We have learned that when properly administered, gaming techniques can significantly increase engagement. Research gaming can provide richer insights as respondents are often more thoughtful in their responses. Gaming in the service of modern marketing research can decrease participant fatigue and ‘straight-lining.’

Contact us to determine whether game research is appropriate for you. At New Perspectives, we go beyond just gathering and reporting data. Through game research, we provide relevant insights and actionable recommendations.