If you have not upped the budget for your market research consultant, you had better do so soon before you get left behind by more progressive competitors! A recent news article states that wearable electronics and technology market will “…grow at a CAGR of 24.56% from 2014 to 2020….” These technologies include new eye-sensors and tracking devices, reality-augmenting devices by Google and Apple, and the many wristwatches which track a users’ exercise, breathing, and even blood-nutrient levels.

Market Research Consultant Interpretations

In fact, just recently, a London neuroscientist created a very economical device which uses a user’s eye movements to control the computer. The device is only approximately $105! This is a stark difference compared to the medical device which has the same function, but costs over $40,000. According to the article, this economical device will “…[open] up the use of computers to the 6 million people in the UK with restricted hand movement.” The article further goes on to state that another innovative invention was invented this year that allows a wheelchair to be controlled by the eyes! The $220 eye-tracking bar used in a wheelchair is “…usually employed to see if people are looking at advertisements.”

The eye-tracking bar “…can distinguish between when the user is looking around and when they want to move and the wheelchair responds within 10 milliseconds.” The neuroscientist says that he is attempting to “‘…build decoders which tell what is your intention of action based on how you look at the world….'” Thus, if this technology is applied to the market research setting, you’ll be able to tell what your users’ true responses are just by seeing which ways their eyes move! This insight can help cut through previous barriers to uncover hidden agendas.

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