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5 Biggest Blunders to Avoid When Hiring a Market Research Consultant

An effective market research consultant is essential to any business when it comes to growth and development. Consultants research and analyze the market to help enterprises target audiences, and to promote and sell their products. They also research which products a company sells, how and when to promote them. This involves knowledge of the niche market and the ability to anticipate future trends. Here are five mistakes to avoid when searching for the perfect market research consultant.

Market Research Consultant

Has Poor Communication Skills

A good marketing research consultant must understand your business inside and out. This begins with communication. He or she must be willing to listen to both the strengths and weaknesses of your business. It is also important that your consultant understands the goals and dreams of your business. A good consultant has exceptional verbal, written, and listening skills.

An excellent way to determine the communication skills of a potential consultant is to interview the candidate. By doing so, you can explain a portion of your business, ask for their thoughts and what actions they would take if hired. You will be able to determine the candidate’s listening skills and verbal communication from their response.

Detached From Their Job

To produce the best results a consultant must be dedicated to the job. A common mistake is to hire a consultant who is more interested in furthering their agenda or career as opposed to what is best for their client. Look for a consultant who will tell you the truth even to their detriment. References are the best way to determine commitment. If you ask directly in an interview, of course, the candidate will tell you they are dedicated to their clients. What else would you expect them to say? Current and former clients are where the truth lies.

Lacks Creativity

What many fail to realize is that although it is important for consultants to be analytical, they must also be creative. Every company wants to breakthrough with the next big product in its niche. This may not happen if the marketing strategies are the same old routines. Your company needs someone who can color outside of the lines and come up with new ways to promote a company and its products. It is entirely acceptable to ask for examples of how the candidate brings creativity to their work.

Refuses to Be a Team Player

Consultants do not work alone. You need to hire someone who is personable and gets along with all different types of people. Market research consultants have to collaborate with individuals and teams both inside and outside of the company. Ask references whether or not candidates work well with others.

Lacks the Ability to Problem Solve

Problem-solving is a significant component of a market research consultant’s job description. After all, the job is one big puzzle. How to help the client sell and promote products in their niche in a new, successful way that makes the product and the company stand apart from the competition. Ask for examples of problems encountered during the candidate’s career and the steps they took to solve them.

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