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Facial Coding in Collaborative Research Facilitates Positive Change

Imagine you decide to watch a horror film. As the movie progresses, the scary music builds and the chances of jumping at every creak and squeak increases, and suddenly the film decides based on your reaction to the suspense whether to continue the tension or to end it quickly. New software called Affectiva provides facial coding marketing research for the film industry. The technology, created by Scientists Roz Picard and Rana el Kaliouby is designed to recognize facial expressions and then direct the film’s progression accordingly. The marketing research consulting professionals at New Perspectives perform a similar function for corporate focus groups through collaborative research.

Facial Coding Collaborative Research

Facial coding, when used for marketing research is much more than just a tool for the entertainment industry. Just as the Affectiva technology studies facial expressions and then uses that information to bring the viewer more enjoyment, we at New Perspectives use facial expressions to know your consumers. Through collaborative research, we can study your consumer’s facial expressions and deduce what needs and desires they have. Then, in the same way that Affectiva builds a better movie experience for the viewer, we work with you to build a more efficient and profitable result for your particular needs.

With the technology in our hands and over 60 years of combined experience, we evaluate your consumer’s reactions to questions and responses. Often the body (or, in this case, the face) and the words exiting the mouth say very different things. It is our job to assess the emotions behind the facial movements. A slight smile, a glazed look, and an over-enthusiastic reply are examples of responses which come up in our work.

Once our evaluation is completed, we can often provide you with a ‘New Perspective’. Instead of handing you our observations and letting you figure out what to do next, we work with you to mold the gleaned information and turn it into a powerhouse of positive change for your company.

Contact the experienced marketing research consultants at New Perspectives today for more information on facial coding and how we can apply it to know your consumers better. Working together, we will facilitate the positive changes that your customers are looking for in your products and services.

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