The best focus groups NYC employ a marketing technique called “qualitative” research, in which participants are asked for their unique perceptions. They provide their thoughts, feelings, and detailed explanations of how they reached their conclusions regarding a particular product or topic. Quantitative research tools, on the other hand, solicit concise pieces of information, often through surveys and questionnaires to reach data-driven, or statistical, conclusions.

Best Focus Groups NYC Qualitative Research

Focus groups often consist of 6 to 24 people who have specific demographics in common. Participants share characteristics such as age, education level, interest in (buying) particular products, health problems, etc. A business that wishes to “introduce a new product into the marketplace” like “iris recognition” technology, for example, will put together a focus group to get the actional feedback. If responses are more accepting than negative, the manufacturer may feel they can safely invest more effort and resources into the initiative.

However, “qualitative” focus group members are not chosen based on a truly scientific “random sample.” So, any person within the study’s designated geographic area will not have the same chance as any other person of being selected. Participants end up in these groups, often by signing up on websites that propose different topics each month on behalf of marketing agencies. These marketing research agencies offer reimbursement for feedback on each topic or product.

Folks are emailed the marketer’s concern and asked a few brief questions to see if they “qualify” for the research. Questions are usually based on the prospective participant’s use of, the need for, knowledge of, and interest in the topic. Study topics can include products, services, or even a newsworthy event. Moreover, an effort is made to secure focus group members from diverse areas of the desired demographic.

A few days before the best focus groups NYC meet, either in person, or perhaps virtually, the moderators will notify each selected member of the exact day, time and place. If the best focus groups NYC is virtual, they will be informed of the Internet address for the site which will display the meeting agenda (including questions) right before the focus group begins. Some marketing companies prefer to email the topic questions to participants ahead of time. Sample questions regarding “iris recognition” technology would be:

  • Would you agree if your employer wanted your iris scanned before you could enter the office?
  • In what circumstances should a government agency like the FBI use iris recognition?

These “qualitative” group discussions usually last from one to several hours, and moderators ensure that every member gets a chance to express their ideas, experiences and opinions. Ground rules are explained after introductions and before the focus group starts. They may include:

  • Please limit your feedback, each time you offer it, to about 5 minutes.
  • Don’t interrupt while another is speaking.
  • Stay focused on the topic or question at hand.

Moderators who conduct the best focus groups NYC at physical locations usually ask members to meet at lunch or dinner hours for convenience and often offer sandwiches, pastries and beverages. Most discussions either in person or by Internet are recorded to ensure that “exact” responses are noted. Participants will give permission for recording.

At the close of a session, moderators may summarize for the group the “main points” brought up, thank everyone for participating and indicate when and how compensation will be sent provided.

Focus groups have the advantages of:

  • Capturing real-life perspectives and information on a particular topic in a social setting.
  • Retaining high “face value,” which means they measure the individual’s intent.
  • Getting fast results and being cost effective.
  • Engendering “group dynamics” that reveal “unanticipated” opinions or information about the topic or product.

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