Marketing research and focus groups have evolved considerably over the years thanks to the advent of better technology. Now we have the ability to provide our clientele with synchronistically applied marketing techniques. Even with technical advancements, though, it’s still sometimes hard to reach audiences when researching specific demographics.

Synchronistically Applied Marketing Techniques Segmenting

Your marketing team really needs a more advanced approach to find hard-to-reach audiences and deep-dive insights into those you’re targeting. The best way is to use a synchronistic approach, especially when working with ethnography. Using synchronicity, you’ll be able to use the power of coincidence to help find new insights into a demographic you’re studying. Here are four advantages to using this technique.

A New Approach to Thematic and Quantitative Data

Any of you who work with ethnography are probably used to organizing your research in a more thematic and semi-quantitative way. The use of synchronicity changes this so you don’t fall into the trap of developing a qualitative hypothesis containing untruths.

Synchronistic events are ones seemingly happening by accident, yet happy surprises that show a repeating, unexpected event. For instance, if you’re studying a particular demographic, you may notice something unusual about what this demographic does in buying habits. Applying marketing research in a synchronistic way allows you to find out if this particular habit occurs somewhere else. As a result, it’s going to lead to new revelations about what this demographic does when in the role of consumers.

It Helps Unravel Answers to Research Puzzles

The standard use of creating focus groups can sometimes lead to more questions than answers. Evidence shows consumers are a lot more demanding now and more complex in their buying experiences. Forbes once described this as a new “empowered consumer“. No matter how much data you mine out of your marketing research, how will you really know what consumers want without using a comparative model?

You may ultimately end up with a research puzzle that needs solving about buyer habits. Synchronicity is going to help open up new avenues of research, even if an insight only repeats once. We find this to be an excellent technique to discern new insights into a demographic you’re studying and often find something unexpected.

Research Filled With More Discovery

After years of using more orderly research, synchronicity brings more surprising research discoveries thanks to the art of coincidence. While it might seem like a coincidence isn’t reliable, it’s frequently the reason for many great discoveries, whether in science or through focus groups. When you use an expert marketing research team well-versed in using synchronicity, you’ll be able to gain a lot more information in a world filled with complexity.

Synchronistic marketing research ultimately works on a larger scale to give a more comprehensive view of any particular subject. Studying demographics for marketing purposes usually means dealing with fickle behavior due to so many consumer choices. Even so, specific patterns can develop. You need to scope them out, no matter how rare they are. This art of discovery is a significant trend in marketing research that often provides clients with eureka moments.

Applicable in Many Industries

You do see synchronicity used frequently in ethnography for marketing research. However, it’s possible to use the same process for multiple industries when measuring demographics. What’s most important is to use a marketing research consulting service that gives you the most definitive look at the demographics you are studying.

They should have involvement with educators in designing methodologies and screening processes you can trust. Knowledge of the healthcare industry is also essential where many insights on patients and medical procedures are protected by law.

Connecting to and studying teenagers is also an essential element for all marketing research firms. We all know Millennials are a significant consumer market. Synchronistically applied marketing techniques can help with flushing out particular millennial behavior. Contact the marketing research professionals at New Perspectives to learn more about synchronistically applied marketing techniques and other research tactics to help your company.