How Market Research Eye Tracking Impacts Business Growth

by | Nov 11, 2019 | Market Research Expertise |

Did you know that market research eye tracking impacts business growth? Traditional market research takes into account millions of data-points and creates a statistical analysis that must be interpreted. Creating new marketing strategies based on this research has taken whole industries, studies, and interpretation training to make any difference at all. There are some shortcuts that quickly inform us, like heat maps, but what about insights directly into consumer’s subconscious in a way we can understand? That is where market research eye tracking comes in.

Market Research Eye Tracking For Success

Eye Tracking for Market Research

95% of buying decisions happen in the subconscious. We see we feel, we decide. The logic comes after. Weighing the pros and cons of a product comes after. But the eyes reveal what we really want, and what we look at indicates what we truly care about.

Eye-tracking market research has the potential to reveal a great deal about consumer motivation, interest, and decision making with far fewer data points in a context that every marketer understands. What the eye is drawn to, what the eye lingers on, and what the eye returns to, again and again, are going to be the marketing strategies that are most powerful. Finally, we can stop guessing and start knowing.

Eyes are the Windows to the Subconscious

Our eyes reveal much more than most people realize. Not only does direction and focus make a difference, but our pupils dilate and the tiny muscles around the eyelid flex in response to emotional reactions as well. Micro-expression experts can already tell us what the eyes do when we are attracted to something, repulsed by it, or fascinated. Brands looking to evoke a certain emotion need only to study what imagery creates these micro-expressions and influences eye movement in the way they desire.

And when it comes to reaching that 95% of decision making hidden in the subconscious, eyes are the windows through which we can understand a consumer’s true motivations and true attractions to brands, products, and marketing assets.

What Catches a Consumer’s Eye?

One of the first things eye tracking will reveal is what consumers cannot help but look at, or cannot stop looking at. We already know that bright colors and flashing lights get the attention, but like jingling keys, consumers quickly disregard a meaningless image and look away. But what about images that draw the attention again and again?

Brands will soon discover which packaging options in a supermarket featuring hundreds of items on a shelf catch a consumer’s eye and draws their attention. They will discover how to get attention to patterns and imagery without having to rely on empty flash. They will learn how to catch the customer’s eye truly.

Analyzing Attention, Distraction, and Longing

Even deeper into eye-tracking marketing research, brands will discover what can hold a customer’s attention. Which aspects of brand and marketing imagery draw the eye multiple times, which ones cause customers to wake up and read the text, and which ones cause consumers to look longingly at an image wishing to experience whatever is depicted. These discoveries will lead to more engaging marketing and insights that are so much more efficient and revealing than studying patterns of e-store browsing and Tweet views.

A Bright Future With Market Research Eye Tracking

Finally, with the introduction of eye-tracking, we are going to see marketing take a far more aesthetically pleasing turn. It will finally be proven without a shadow of a doubt what kind of appealing, patterned, and compositionally directed content really draws the eye. We will see what customers truly enjoy looking at. We expect to see marketing that resembles artwork made up of assets that are both compelling and beautiful, of only to evoke the emotions of beauty, longing, and connection that brands wish to inspire in their audience.

With market research eye tracking, the future is looking up. For more great insights into the future of marketing tech, contact New Perspectives today!